Kamisaibara in Kagamino


A city that feels nature

My house is in a village surrounded by mountains. It is a place where you can feel old Japan. Country landscape, beautiful river, mountains. And you can feel the wind you can not feel in ancient Japanese buildings and cities.

Okayama is the place with the least rain in Japan. It is also called a sunny country.


Hot spring heaven

There are many hot springs within 40 minutes by car.
Wild open-air bath, mixed open-air bath, etc.
There is also a hot spring for people who have a tattoo.

We will reserve for hot spring fans.

Sightseeing nearby

One day trip

​708-0601 岡山県苫田郡鏡野町上齋原168

168 Kamisaibara Kagamino Okayama JAPAN


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